Baby Care

Hypoallergenic skin care that protects
delicate infant skin from 0 years old*.

Baby Care

Baby Care

It is important to care for your baby's delicate skin from the age of 0*
with the right mild skin products.
Introducing gentle foam body soap and milky type lotion
made to protect your baby's delicate skin that is prone to irritations.
*Tested and approved to use on newborns aged 1 month to children aged 2 years.

Fragrance-Free / Color-Free / Hypoallergenic Low acidity level
  • Skin patch tested
  • Allergy tested (Not guaranteed as completely allergen-free for all customers)
  • Non-comedogen tested (Not guaranteed as completely comedogen-free for all customers)
  • Drooling and food smeared around a baby's mouth or face can cause rough/dry skin.
  • Roughness or peeling can be seen on the skin's surface.
  • Baby skin can easily develop rashes, redness, etc. from diaper change.
Babies have hyperirritable skin.

A child's skin is different from adult skin | Baby skin is hyperirritable due to its low barrier function. It is important to use gentle, mild skin care to protect baby skin that is prone to irritation and from the dry environment. | The difference in skin through aging

NOV Baby Series feature
1. Gently cleanses while locking in skin's natural moisture

The NOV Baby Series' body foaming soap contains low acidity and mild moisturizing properties that not only cleanses but also moisturizes thoroughly baby skin. Cleanse the body from head to toe with this all-in-one type cleanser.

2. Moisturizing ingredients that firmly protects baby skin

We have carefully selected a combination of moisturizing ingredients for low barrier function infant skin. Your baby's skin needs protection from the constant exposure to irritation and dryness in everyday life.

Vaseline ※ | Ceramide 3 ※ | Glycerin ※ | Sodium hyaluronate ※ | ※ Moisturizing ingredients
3. Easy-to-use design for parents

These products are perfect for the busy, on-the-go parent as they are made easy to use with our one-push pump bottle and squeeze bottle design. Without the need to foam by hand, our one-push pump type body soap makes cleansing simple. Our dense type lotion glides easily onto baby skin, making it easy to apply on active children.

Easy one-push pump type | Dense Lotion type
Baby care products

Foaming Body Soap

Foam type
Foam type


1,320 yen
(Tax Included)


Body Lotion

Lotion type
Lotion type


1,320 yen
(Tax Included)