Philosophy of NOV

Philosophy of NOV

NOV is a skincare line based on clinical dermatology studies for those who have trouble with their skin.

"NOV" is a line of hypoallergenic cosmetics developed with the cooperation of various dermatologists in 1985. With the idea, "safe cosmetics for all people", we began to research and development of NOV products. Now, NOV is widely-supported by many women who are worried about skin troubles.

Through regular visits to dermatologists and interactions with universities, as well as directly inquiring the opinions from doctors involved in skin and medical treatment, we aim to develop a skincare line that does not interfere with medications while keeping the skin healthy.

Since our founding , NOV has collaborated with many dermatologists regarding the planning and early development of products, and we have provided safe and effective soaps and creams for our customers who suffer from sensitive skin and skin allergies. In order to receive the approval and recommendation of products from dermatologists, we conducted various clinical tests with the cooperation of medical specialists who tackle the treatment of patients, as well as actual patients with troubled skin. The results of the clinical trials are being published as articles in various Japanese academic journals such as "Skin Research" and "Nishinihon Journal of Dermatology". In addition to obtaining the latest dermatology information from academic associations and through collaborative research with universities, we undergo clinical studies to confirm that people afflicted with sensitive skin and/or skin allergies can use our products worry-free. Rather than simply releasing and commercializing a product, we believe we should only put truly effective products onto the market. We will continue to incorporate this idea into all of our products.

Based on clinical dermatology studies, NOV continuously strives to pursue a high level of safety in all products by carefully selecting materials with the highest degree of purity in our factories which are set up with state-of-the-art equipment.

  • Production process
  • Safety of our cosmetics
  • What is clinical dermatology?

Production process

Before commercialization, we meticulously
research, develop and test.

Step 1 - Collecting data in order to create products

First step in creating a product is to collect opinions and information from interviews and the day-to-day activities of dermatologists involved in skin treatment. With the gracious advice of these dermatologists, we work to create a skin care products that could be used daily without interfering with medical treatment.

Step 2 - Examination of materials and ingredients

To make safe products that can be used with relief by those who have sensitive skin, we examine carefully safety or stimulation of ingredients or combination.

Step 3 - Safety test

We subsequently receive cooperation from dermatologists and university hospitals of dermatology, and conduct safety tests. The tests are conducted under the same conditions and time frame throughout all the medical institutions. The patients consent to the tests, and are then informed of the purpose, effects and the correct usage of the products.
At the medical institutions where our trials are conducted, we regularly check on the patients, ensuring no detrimental symptoms, such as deterioration in medical condition, while taking note of any improvements in condition. We also have patients answer questions about their feelings as they use the product. The results are collected and summarized by dermatologists involved in the clinical trials, and are published in academic journals.

Step 4 - Commercialization

Based on the above steps, our products are manufactured using the latest technology with state-of-the-art equipment in our factories. We also consider the ease of use of containers packaged for products as well as any effects on the environment. Under strict a quality control process, we strive to deliver reliable products.


Safety of our cosmetics

At NOV, we only utilize raw materials that have passed our strict standards of purity, quality, and safety. Even if the same raw materials are used, impurities and instability in the materials alone can cause trouble to the skin. We reject these materials because we truly wish to ensure the health of the skin for our customers. Furthermore, not only do we prioritize the safety and standards of raw materials, but we also we conduct various safety tests even before the actual first stages of commercialization begin. One of our basic tests is to examine skin irritation by conducting a patch test. We ensure that there are no problems for the skin, even when the cosmetics are worn for long periods. Others tests we conduct include testing for any temporary irritation using a stinging test, and determining if our products cause acne using a non-comedogenic test. Additionally, once the tests pass, we conduct the actual trials on patients. With the cooperation of patients suffering from skin conditions, we test our products for a certain amount of time, conduct tests determining the user-friendliness of the product, and discover if there are any detrimental effects on the skin. Not only do we check the safety of raw materials but we also conduct related safety tests -- This is the secret to NOV's safety. We strive to pursue cosmetics that those with sensitive skin can use with confidence to maintain their skin.

What is clinical dermatology?

This concept may be difficult to understand or unfamiliar for many people. "Clinical dermatology" is the use of medical skin treatment in actual hospitals and real-life situations. It is a medical science that focuses on a patient's medical treatment. Although medical science develops as time progresses, NOV cosmetics reflect the creation of products now being sought after in the treatment field. Non-interfering with medical treatment, our highly safe cosmetic products will leave your skin healthy and refreshed. We will continue to pursue a line of cosmetics that you can trust.